In Vedic system of Astrology, known in sanskrit as "Jyotish," the 27 constellations and not only the 12 star-signs form the core of understanding celestial influences on our planet. These 27 constellations are known as the 27 "Nakshatras."
The term "Nakshatra", when broken into its constituent parts - "naks" means "sky" and "shetra" means "region', translates into "Sky Map". This clearly shows that our ancient Seers observed these 27 nakshatras and not only the 12 rashis (zodiacal star-signs), which map the sky.
Jyotish without nakshatras is as incomplete as the human body is without eyes. If "Jyotish" is the "eye of the vedas", then "Nakshatras" are the "eyes of Jyotish".
We, as a responsible astrologers, thoroughly study the horoscope based upon the characteristics of the "Nakshatras" and not only on "Rashis". Each nakshatra has a special power to assert its own energy during the time-period in which Moon is passing through them and who better to guide what is written about them than they themselves.
We provide a detailed and illustrated version of our predictions based upon the nakshatras, with each house results according to the qualities and characteristics of the nakshatra posited in the concerned house.