Our Astrological Services

Muhurta (Auspicious Time)
Vedic astrology always believes in performing all tasks according to right muhurat. You can ask us Auspicious time(s) related to Bhoomi-Pujan, Inaugration, Marriage/Engagement Ceremony or any other such auspicious events.
Birth Chart (Horoscope)
We prepare detailed and short horoscopes using the modern computer softwares. Please do give us your birth details such as Birth Time, Birth Date, Birth Place etc. for personal horoscopes.
We emphasize on detailed study of D-5, D-9 and D-10 charts of an individual.
Baby Names
Baby has born -- Now its the time for "Naam Karan" sanskar. Among the 16 sansakaras, this one is also very important one,as the name of a person effects his whole life and a person is recognized by his name only. Vedic system of keeping baby names has been proven to be most scientific, while analysing across various cultures. We guide with correct first names for your babies. You can also seek our guidance to correct your name before it is finalised at the matric stage.
Which is the field our child will opt ?? This is the most frequently asked question by the parents regarding their child's future.
We guide, about the stream for studies so that the child may become capable to compete.
We go through a detailed study of the horoscope and try to know the prominent features (Shubh Yogas) of the horoscope and then advice parents about the studies and more specifically we concentrate upon the favourable environment for the child for his studies.
The Nakshatras in which the child is born, decide as to which environment would be better for a person to complete his studies. Capacity and chances to clear certain competitive entrance examinations by a person and the right goal to be taken for seeking a particular education area is also guided by us.
Career & Jobs
We guide, what area a person will make a better career, what are chances of switching or finding a right job. What career goals a person must keep so that he rides on the wave of success quickly. We also let you know the appropriate time for your promotions and transfers.
Health & Fitness
Health and fitness issues and their period of deep effect can be successfully predicted with our methods. We also help you come out of these issues with the help of "Upayas." The deep study of VI, VIII & XII th houses of the horoscope help us to diagnose the sufferings and illnessess of the concerned person.
Use of astrological tools with the Blessings of Divine can help you come out of financial difficulties. Your period of trouble or better financial position can also be predicted with our methods.
Many parents keep worrying about when will daughter find the right match for marriage. Give us your worries. We shall give you the right prediction to show you the right path for future.
Is my son in love? And will he marry her? Leave your worries upon us...
As we, with the help of astrology, will guide you everything to clear all your doubts.
My daughter-in-law is not familiar with us....
And is influenced by her parents.
Son's inclination towards his in laws !!!
We are here to solve these sort of problems.
By GOD's Grace, we have some "Tantrik methods" which help us to maintain harmony in married lives of our children.
Gem Stones
We believe that certain naturally occuring precious stones can drastically change the effect of planets on your life. Based upon Indian Vedic Astrology we give accurate guidance to you in this matter.
Some "Yantras" are also provided to increase the results of favourable planets and visa-versa.
Sometimes the way we spell our name is the reason for us for not getting the desired success. A simple correction based on detailed astrological calculations can change your destiny for all times to come. We will help you get the harmonious number which match your birth date.
Just a simple change in the spelling of your name could give you the desired results.
So, HURRY !!! send your details to us.
Match Making and Compatibility Analysis
Today, in our society we are going through with a major problem of divorce and disputes among couples.
We make marriages successful by finding the right match based on Ashtakoot Guna-Matching and by studying various other astrological conditions in detail.
We spend full time and give our 100% in detailed and thorough studying of the horoscopes of our children.
Mangalik Dosha
Mars (Mangal) plays a very important role in our lives and is to be thoroughly diagnosed at the time of marriage. In which house of the horoscope of our child is it placed!!!
This only decides whether your child is a mangalik or not. It is always said by our Learned SEERS that a mangalik child must go for a mangalik spouse.
If, in any specific case of marriage, any of one is effected with the Mangalik dosh barring the other, there are some "upayas" mentioned in our spiritual and astrological books, some "pujas" are to be performed before the marriage for the rectification of the dosha.
Dosha Nivaran
Some people are born with certain odd planetary conditions, due to which they face lots of difficulties and hurdles in their life. We provide some practical solutions to help them overcome with the challenges in this birth.
Mangal Dosh, Kal Sarpa Dosh, Chaandaal Dosh, Pitra Dosh are few of them which effect your whole life.
Laal Kitaab
Certain planetary placements in your natal chart may cause you sufferings and challenges. Some very easy "Upayas" mentioned in Laal Kitaab are advised by us to make your life comfortable, healthier and brighter.
Shani Sadhe-Saati
The transit phase of Saturn through the 12th and 2nd house of one’s birth rashi (Moon Sign) is a period known as Shani Sadhe-Saati. This is a seven and a half year long phase that each of us has to go through at certain periods in life. The cosmic influence of Saturn keeps an individual through a lot of stress that one needs to handle carefully. We guide you through this period with accurate predictions and understanding of its affect. Not only Sadhe-saati, Dhaiya is also affecting our lives and are equally hazardious.
Actually, SATURN (Shani), effects us more than any other planet in the form of Sadhe-Saati, Dhaiya, Ashtam Shani, Kantak Shani etc.etc. We help you of your Do's and Dont's during that specific periods of Shani.
Venus (Shukra)
The most important planet in the materialistic world of today. Amazing and Dynamic results are received by the persons having prominent Venus placement in their horoscope.
But, if afflicted, it causes severe pains and sufferings throughout the life. The persons having afflicted Shukra can not achieve the desired success and whole life they go on struggling and struggling.
How to improve our Shukra ??????
Come to us!! We will show you the right path!!! The struggle time is over!!!!
Lucky Numbers
Chiero's Numerological predictions were amazing. Today it has become an established para-science for predicting one's future and tendencies. We also help you take the right actions according to the number that governs your life.
This has been a popular vedic science that is used to guide our architects build the right orientations and layouts of our building. We can guide building new houses based on established Vaastu principles or to re-orient things in your existing house to get the most of positive energies always flowing across your house. For instance, we very often mention in our astrological classes about the success of our neighbouring country China.
Despite of being the most populated country, their success story is amazing. They have developed their Vaastu known as Feng-Shui upto a considerable extent and they are nourishing and flourishing day-by-day.
We only wish that every Indian could invite prosperity to his house by following some specific and certain dynamic rules of Vaastu Shastra, which Chinese learned from us and named it Feng-Shui.
Varshaphal (Annual Horoscope)
We use established and time-tested systems to give you detailed Annual Horoscope, so that you can make each day of year a planned day and take best actions for most suitable circumstances for you and the people around you.
Solar Returns
We, alongwith varshaphal, also provide you the Solar Returns of your life as to help you spend your lives according to the demands of SUN -- the Leader of the planets and the source of light and energy.
Stock Investment
Based upon names and years of stocks we can also guide you take right choices in stock market to maximise your happiness from its best returns.
What is the right time to invest and which is the stock you purchase -- we will guide you.
Ask a Question (PRASHNA-JYOTISH)
Many of us do not know their accurate birth details viz. date, time etc. We have provided a direct facility on our home page for asking one question at a time related to prediction for a specific need.
Remember, only single question is entertained at a time because this is the only rule of prashna-jyotish.